Product development

Our customers are active in sectors such as the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, medical technology and consumer goods. From performance and technical specifications and the first ideas or sketches through selected concepts to virtual prototypes that are fit for serial production: We develop the desired products in close collaboration with our customers, by using the currently most popular 3D CAD systems on the market, such as Siemens NX®, Dassault CATIA V5®, Dassault SolidWorks® and Autodesk Inventor®.


For the development of various products, different materials are used, such as different metals (turned/milled components, castings, sheet metal parts) and plastics (thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers) as well as glass and carbon fibers.

By using FEM in our company, we are able to optimize the design in the early stage of development, with regard to e.g. strength, lightweight construction, material savings, durability and temperature development. Thanks to our extensive experience, we deliver reliable mappings of solid, volume or free-form surface geometries. In particular, we manufacture cast and formed parts appropriate for mold tooling  on request. The geometries and drawings will be provided in native format after completion of the project. In order to continuously check the quality of the data, we use tools such as Q-Checker®, Validat® and HQM®. Apart from work or service contracts, we can also support you or your team on site through temporary employment or staff leasing – on request including computer and licensing. Do you also need a first sample? We are happy to provide.



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