Body Seals - Seal Systems

Development of profiles and moulded components:
Full service

  • CAD CATIA® and NX®

  • On-site service

  • Simulation and optimization

  • Project management

  • Procurement of prototypes

  • Own test bench

Functioning seals are a prerequisite for the smooth and trouble-free operation of technical components and systems. They prevent for example dirt, dust or moisture from penetrating.

When it comes to automotive body seals, sound and closing characteristics also play an important role, as well as optical criteria. The development process of these sealing systems is therefore very complex. Due to the growing demand for ever shorter development times and at the same time constantly increasing quality standards, the application of virtual development technologies is essential. The early integration of the knowledge gained from FEM investigations at an early stage in the concept phase enables us to make reliable predictions regarding characteristics and behavior. The aim is to increasingly shift from real tests with prototypes to virtual simulation.

Through our highly qualified engineers, we offer support in development and project management along the various development phases, from pre-development to series production. We are proud to be one of the top service providers in Europe in our field. We take over large as well as smaller projects and provide you with QS-HQM verified data. We work on your assignment in loops – we optimize, simulate and maintain the geometrical changes in the CAD system for you.


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Door sealing systems

  • Development of profiles and moulded components: full service

  • Door seals - primary/secondary

  • Joint seals A-B-C pillar and sill EPDM and 2K PP/TPE

  • Window guide systems (construction of moulded components, definition of cuts, creation of extrusion layers)

  • Roof frame seals, mirror seals for frameless doors

  • Shaft strips inside/outside

Cabrio and sliding roof

  • Cowl top sealing

  • Convertible top box sealing

  • Sealing system soft/ hard top

  • Sealing of sliding roof (primary/secondary)

Front hood / tailgate

  • Engine compartment sealing

  • Tailgate sealing (one-piece and multi-piece flaps, sealing rear window)

Glass injection moulding

  • Fixed window panes A-B-C pillar