Erfahrung schafft Vertrauen
Mit über 1.800 realisierten Kundenprojekten
gehören wir zu den erfahrensten Anbietern in
unserer Branche.
Professionelles virtuelles Engineering
hilft, frühzeitig Schwachstellen und
mögliche Fehlerquellen zu erkennen.
Erfahrung schafft Vertrauen
1995: FEM-TECH startet als einer der ersten
FEM-Simulationsdienstleister in Deutschland.
Temperaturverhalten von Bauteilen
und Baugruppen unter Berücksichtigung von
Wärmeleitung, Konvektion und Strahlung
Weniger Prototypen durch
virtuelle Produktentwicklung


Defects or errors in a product series can often be avoided. Professional virtual engineering helps to detect weak points and to identify possible sources of defects or faults early in the process.

A FEM simulation allows for a targeted process and structure analysis in the early stages of development. The results of a structure simulation for example form the basis for further optimization processes to improve material usage and strength. Carefully planned and executed FEM calculations therefore facilitate the optimal use of resources in production and materials and increase the competitiveness of your product. As a highly specialized engineering service provider, we offer you a wide range of state-of-the-art engineering tools. We specialize in fatigue, strength, dynamic behaviour, impact, temperature and special applications such as flow simulations and 3D tolerance simulations with the 3DCS system. We have been organising highly qualified trainings and workshops on CAD and FEM calculation for many years, conducted by skilled trainers with many years of practical experience.

FEM calculation - we think along with you

FEM-TECH GmbH was founded in 1995 by mechanical engineers Patrick Jakobs, Christoph Ballmann and Dr. Van Phai Nguyen as one of the first service companies of its kind in Germany. FEM calculations are a matter of trust. Our employees not only show a high level of know-how, experience and expertise, but also a lot of passion for their work – and they pass on their knowledge to you. We are facing ever-increasing requirements and therefore we continuously develop and strengthen the competences of our employees and the range of services that we offer with regards to FEM and development. More than 20 years of company experience – from the first idea to serial production.


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