Dynamics – explicit simulation

Explicit FEM with LS-Dyna®
Simulation of highly dynamic processes

LS Dyna® enables the simulation of short-term dynamic processes such as clipping and snapping of plastic parts or impact and drop tests. Prominent examples are crash simulations, drop tests or snap-on fastenings on plastic components. Explicit simulation can also be used to map complex nonlinear contact problems or structural failure.

Automotive industry

For crash simulations for example, explicit FEM systems are a prerequisite to be able to analyze the behavior of vehicles, their components and occupants during a collision. In addition to vehicle crashes, this application also focuses on the evaluation of safety-relevant components such as dashboard, steering wheel, screens and others, as well as on the protection of occupants and pedestrians.


Drop tests

The simulation of drop tests is a standard application of explicit systems. Impact processes of various industrial and consumer goods such as containers, mobile phones, caps etc. are simulated. Another important benefit apart from cost reduction for prototypes is the time saved through the comparison of variations. With manageable effort and computing times, virtual drop tests deliver results that usually correspond well with real test results.



A Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) is a protective device for the driver cabins of mobile machinery such as loaders, excavators and harvesters, and is usually a steel frame that is integrated into the cabin. In the event of a rollover or a tip over, the device prevents excessive deformation of the cabin and thus protects the driver from being injured. Approval  is granted by means of prototype tests. By applying explicit FEM, the time and financial expenditure can be significantly reduced. The virtual illustration of the trials allows for the fast and easy testing of geometrical changes to ensure the eligibility and suitability of the cabin.



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